Our history

Since our foundation in 1915, we have specialized in the processing of stainless steel.

1915: Foundation

Maschinenfabrik Berger was founded on 27.10.1915 by Ludwig Berger. The company has always been located at Wienerstraße 35 in Knittelfeld. From the beginning until the end of the 70s, besides special constructions for various industries, mainly machines for the processing and transport of wood were produced.

1950s: Development of series products

In the 1950s, Maschinenfabrik Berger succeeded in developing two "real" series products:

A motor-driven weaving machine for the production of reed mats and a press for pressing reeds into insulation boards. By the 1960s, these had been produced in quantities of over 200 and exported as far afield as Iraq and Egypt. Spare parts for the robust and durable machines are still being produced today.

1980: Exit of the company founder

After the death of Gustav Berger, the son of the company founder Ludwig Berger, the company was taken over by 2 Lower Austrian industrialists - Mirko Kovacs and Franz Mock - on 1 July 1980.

1980: First cooperation with IBS Austria GmbH

Since 1980, Maschinenfabrik Berger has also been cooperating with IBS Austria. Initially, long grinding machines for ceramic dewatering elements were developed jointly. Subsequently, components for paper machines made of stainless steel were also supplied to IBS Austria.

1993: Takeover by IBS Austria GmbH

In 1993, Maschinenfabrik Berger was taken over by IBS Austria GmbH. At that time, the company had 40 employees. Subsequently, the production focus was consistently oriented towards components for the paper industry. With increasing sales, the machinery was successively renewed and expanded. At that time, a 5-axis long milling machine was already in use, which could process components with a unit weight of up to 10 tons and an accuracy of 1/100 mm.

2021: Modern, dynamic company with 20 million in annual revenue

In 2021, Maschinenfabrik Berger stands for the highest quality in machine components for the pulp and paper industry worldwide with annual sales of around € 20 million. Maschinenfabrik Berger is a modern, dynamic company and processes around 1,000 tons of stainless chrome-nickel steel per year using state-of-the-art machinery. A dedicated team consisting of more than 100 highly qualified employees ensures smooth processes and the highest quality of workmanship.


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